At Word of Life Tabernacle, we love to give to the work of the ministry. All that we posses has been because of what the Lord has given us. 2 Corinthians 9:7-8 teaches that our motive for giving is from the position of grace.  Christ gave his all for us as an example of stewardship and servant.  His purpose in giving has reaped great harvest and residual investment for the kingdom of God.  Having a purpose for your seed unlocks expectation and hope.  We encourage you to name your seed when sowing so that you are not sowing aimlessly but intentionally; adding faith and expectation during this divine transfer. 
If you would like your giving to be to be used for a certain ministry or purpose for the ministry, please do so when sending your gift.  We love to see the growth and maturation of seeds that have been sown for a specific use.  At any time, let us hear your praise report by clicking HERE!


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